June 2021
« Neoventure »

Our current way of life, based on an economy that consumes too much carbon and warms the planet, is not sustainable. The alarm has sounded and the countdown - the COUNTDOWN - has begun: we have barely 10 years left at the global level to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 7% each year to reach -50% by 2030 and a "net zero" situation by 2050.

We can't say we didn't know. Future generations will hold us accountable: what did you do?

September 2018
« Out of the shell »

Remember your first step, when you set out to conquer the world. The discovery was so exhilarating.

Going out of ourselves, of our culture, our comfort zone… We are ceaselessly encouraged to push our limits, as if all the wealth were outside.

It would be enough maybe to return in oneself. Concentrate ourselves to find our peculiarity, but not get lost… Know each other to know better the Other one and get his substance.

ApRil 2017
« Vox »

We live in a world of communication. Sometimes, we have the feeling that we listen to the same predominant voices. We know that some voices are neither heard nor listened. What if we would listen to unheard voices, to the voices of the voiceless ? 10 Speakers share their views.

March 2015
« Terra Incognita »

Even though the sum of our knowledge has never been as vast, even though the world was never this small and interdependent, even though information can now spread to and from any corner of the globe in mere fractions of a second, today, in 2015, humankind still has its “terra incognita”. So what are these new frontiers, these new conquests, these new challenges?

april 2014
« Happiness
and business »

2014 is about seeing life and the future in a joyful and positive way through talks in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, entertainment, art-therapy, design, architecture, music and philosophy.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.
Palais des Festivals
La Croisette
06414 Cannes
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. A local and self-organised event, TEDx gives a voice to individuals from the entire world in the hopes to let them transmit a new message, innovative and which causes an impact. We are TEDxCannes. Founded in 2014, we encourage discussions and deep connections in the unifying subjects. We offer a journey in which one can live a unique and rewarding experience.