"Speakers chosen for who they are, their backgrounds, the projects they carry, their vision of the world and life in general."

Live a unique moment of connection to ideas worth spreading that can help us to invent "the world to come".


Connect with the participants who put innovation an openness at the heart of their action.


Allow a considerable number of people to watch the qualitative videos produced during the event, which have already been seen 2.5 million times around the world and translated into up to 25 languages.

Official sponsors

The official sponsors globally accompany the realisation of the event.

Building a CO2-neutral energy future, reconciling preservation of the planet, well-being and development, thanks to electricity and innovative solutions and services: this is the EDF Group's raison d'être. In the face of the climate emergency, we want to invent a new energy model: one that emits less CO2, is more efficient and more respectful of the environment and people. In France, more than 97% of our electricity is already CO2-free, thanks to nuclear and renewable energies.

Every day, SUEZ is committed to preserving the fundamental elements of our environment - water, soil, air - that ensure our future. We invest in the preservation and restoration of natural capital and in the future of biodiversity, both on land and at sea. As a committed partner of local authorities, industry players and citizens, SUEZ mobilizes stakeholders to make a success of the ecological transition, develop circular economic models and innovate to plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

Accenture has seven technology labs around the world that design new solutions based on emerging technologies to help clients manage and implement their digital transformation. Accenture's network of labs helps companies and governments develop innovative products and services, improve their operations and assess the potential impact of new technologies on their competitiveness and industry.

Beyond innovation and creativity, which are intrinsic values of the Palais des Festivals and Congresses of Cannes, it is the human value we share. If TEDx is inspiring it is thanks to the personalities that make up each edition, in their individuality and combination. The strength of a company, in the digital age, is also the creation of human value. Each individual is able to infuse a positive and contagious energy, creating a strategic driving value for the company.


The production partners help directly in the realization of the event by providing materials and human resources to promote the emergence of ideas worth spreading.

The association Cannes Volontaires aims at gathering people wishing to invest themselves, on a voluntary basis, in educational, social, sportive or cultural projects organized in Cannes.

L2 Concept is a design agency and engineering office that helps to create and realise innovative projects, from an idea or a simple 2D drawing, to the complete and detailed 3D modeling of the entrusted projects.

The creative campus Cannes Bastide Rouge concretizes new synergies for the students, the teachers-researchers and the companies within a close collaboration between the local innovative institutions, essentially in the field of the creative industries.

Films 06 is the audiovisual agency of the film production company Adastra Films, based in Cannes. We enhance your company's identity by telling a story. This story is at the heart of every successful video, the important thing is to tell it well! Since 2008, our passion has been to make films that highlight our clients' identities, using ever-evolving techniques and visual approaches.

In the Top 20 media in France, Futura deciphers innovations and news from a scientific point of view to provide all the keys needed in a constantly changing world.

A company specialising in the supply of furniture and the fitting out of tertiary spaces, a subsidiary of Groupe Jeulin since 2018, Ellipse still maintains close links with Steelcase, the world leader in office furniture.

HEADING 360 is an audiovisual content producer who provides consulting services from the very beginning of the project and accompanies you in all phases from creation to completion.

Creative Minds Consulting accompanies the development of companies and their projects with the tools of creativity and innovation up to financing: from the idea to the realisation.


This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.
Palais des Festivals
La Croisette
06414 Cannes
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. A local and self-organised event, TEDx gives a voice to individuals from the entire world in the hopes to let them transmit a new message, innovative and which causes an impact. We are TEDxCannes. Founded in 2014, we encourage discussions and deep connections in the unifying subjects. We offer a journey in which one can live a unique and rewarding experience.