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Song of a World
Lily Jung - 2nd Part

Lily Jung - 2nd Part

Voice explorer

A graduate in "Musique Actuelle", trained in jazz improvisation and lyrical singing, Lily taught singing from 2007 to 2009 in China before undertaking several trips during which she learned new singing techniques. While she contributes to several musical projects, the general public discovered her more during her participation in the show The Voice in 2019. Her repertoire inspired by mantras and traditional chants nourish her personal compositions sung in an invented language that wants to be universal. Lily Jung carries the voices of the world, the songs of One World. She inscribes her vibration, an inner sound, in humanity, through an incarnated, spontaneous and sincere voice. And beyond this passion, her relationship to singing and music is above all a way of journeying within herself, and of discovering a Way behind the Voice - www.lilyjung.com

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