Coming in the fall of 2022: an evening of concrete and inspiring ideas on climate and environmental issues

A special COUNTDOWN evening of talks, testimonials and exchanges dedicated to innovative climate solutions.

NEW EVENT ON OCT. 25, 2022
Climate Solutions Accelerator
Initially inspired by TED's COUNTDOWN program, TEDxCannes invited climate solutions to share their concrete innovations with the general public and facilitate their operational implementation with local authorities.
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TEDxCannes exists thanks to their support. What our partners have in common is that they are visionary organisations that truly put collective action at the service of their mission thanks to a leadership that promotes an entrepreneurial mindset as well as particularly committed employees. In other words, we are proud to team up together!
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This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.
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Dans l’esprit des idées à partager, TED a créé un programme appelé TEDx. Événement local et auto-organisé, TEDx donne la parole à des intervenants venus du monde entier afin de leur permettre de transmettre un message nouveau, innovant et impactant. Nous sommes TEDxCannes. Depuis 2014, nous encourageons la discussion et la mise en connexion profonde sur des sujets fédérateurs. Nous vous proposons une journée durant laquelle vous vivrez une expérience unique et enrichissante.