The power of the circle for the fluid expression of our intelligences

I work with entrepreneurs and organizations to create innovative new offerings - from idea to launch. Flexible and efficient human interactions are essential in such projects. The physical environment in which we find ourselves plays a big role in the contribution of all stakeholders, in a "co-construction" mode.

How is it possible to unleash the full potential of team members in a company? Empirical researcher Jean-François Noubel (TEDxCannes 2021 Speaker) speaks of holomidal collective intelligence because it is distributed, as opposed to pyramidal collective intelligence with its "single point of failure" due to the concentration of power on a very small number of people.

It is possible to achieve a creative and liberating social optimum in companies that is much stronger than usual. The adoption of round tables, in a circle, on a holomidal collective intelligence mode, allows everyone to have a "voice".

By the way, have you noticed that round tables are often full for business lunches where the desire for everyone to express themselves equally is so important? I've always tried to choose round tables for business lunches with at least 3 people.

In the entertainment field, the practices of Michel Laprise (TEDxCannes 2017 Speaker), writer and director at Cirque du Soleil, fully include the round table, the circle, which is the place for the most creative exchanges within the teams he leads.

But what if you don't have a round table? Well, the easiest way is probably to go to the nearest DIY store and ask for a round tray to be cut to the desired size, in "do it yourself" mode, which you can then place on your initial table!

Interacting in a circle will take your creative and innovative business projects to the next level.


  • The practice of holomidal collective intelligence is the result of a collaborative state of mind that emphasizes horizontality while assuming a leadership role that must be supported as much as possible by an adequate physical organization that gives everyone a voice;
  • A concrete way to engage people is to interact in a circle, around a round table;
  • A round wooden table top placed directly on the original square or rectangular table will do the trick to get started quickly!

If you practice interaction in a circle, I will be happy to know what you did, how it happened, whether it was easy or difficult, how you managed to set up these moments in the long run.

If interactions are done at a distance as in the period we are living through, the power of the circle can be found in the ability to exchange through the conferencing tools in an egalitarian and collective way.

The very inspirational TEDxCannes video with Michel Laprise from Cirque du Soleil on the Power of the Circle is available with English subtitles and French as original language.

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Norbert Barré

Founder & Curator
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