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Talks of 2017 online!

New voices for new ways

Speakers of 2017

  • Gérald Garutti Writer and Director

    Man of theater and writer, Gérald Garutti is one of the only French directors to create shows in London. He worked on about forty shows (Shakespeare, Molière, Poe, Musset, Dostoïevski) in England (Royal Shakespeare Company) and in France (Comédie-Française, TNP). Crossing philosophy, literature and arts in his pieces, texts and conferences, he explores the question of the value: hero, revolution, History, utopia, power. Former student at the Ecole normale supérieure (literature), having taught in Cambridge and Chicago, he is a lecturer in political humanities at the Political Sciences Institute. Last publications: Haïm - In the light of a violin and Richard III translated from Shakespeare.

  • Joana Révis Speech-language Specialist and Vocologist

    Joana Révis is a Voice specialist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Vocologist and Lecturer at the University of Medicine of Marseille. Associated researcher at the CNRS Speech and language laboratory, she seeks to define the outlines of the Voice, to understand and tame it.

  • Nusrat Durrani Media Executive

    In a cutting-edge range of work that intersects culture, politics, relationships, fashion and film, Nusrat's stories have covered over 50 countries from Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan to Native America, always putting the humanity of their subjects at the center. He has been felicitated by President Obama and received numerous awards, his work being applauded for its fearlessness and impact.

  • Sakina M'sa Sustainable fashion designer

    Born in the Comoros, she studied to the Higher institute of the Fashion in Marseille. She is a creative director of her own brands (Sakina M'Sa and Blue Line). She has become a symbolic face of the Sustainable French Fashion. Sakina was awarded with many prizes including one from he Kering Foundation.

  • Romain Badouard Social scientist researcher

    Romain Badouard is a social scientist and associate professor at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. His research topics address the current transformations of western democraties through the rise of digital technologies. He is involved in several projects directed by civil society organisations that intend to empower citizens voices in the public debate.

  • Michel Laprise Writer and Director

    As an actor, director and artistic director, Michel Laprise joined Cirque du Soleil in 2000 where he directed numerous audacious and innovative large-scale performance events. He collaborated with pop star Madonna and directed Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities in 2014. In 2017, Michel wrote and directed Cirque du Soleil’s 40th production, “Sép7imo Dia – No Descansaré” inspired by the music of Argentina’s most cherished rock band of all time, Soda Stereo.

  • Ayse Birsel Designer

    Ayse Birsel is the co-founder of Birsel + Seck, an award-winning, New York design studio working with Fortune 500 companies to bring simplicity, systems-thinking and humanism to the complex problems of life, work, experiences, products and business. She was recently identified by Fast Company as one of the world’s Most Creative People in 2017 and is on the Thinkers50 Radar List of the 30 management thinkers most likely to shape the future of organizations.

  • Hanh Ha NGO Founder

    Hanh Ha is a scientist, professor of biology, who dedicates himself at the moment to the causes which involve the poorest.

  • Orianne Duprat-Briou Synesthete

    Orianne Duprat-Briou talks about her synaesthesia, a singular perception combining colors, shapes or tastes with emotions or thoughts. She turns it into a strength to question her perception of the world, to think outside the box and express her creativity, both in personal or in professional life. Orianne Duprat-Briou is Head of Group Internal Audit of an Insurance group. As a French high-ranking civil servant, she worked in diplomacy, auditing, taxation and financial sector.

  • Henri Corderoy du Tiers Pilot

    Henri Corderoy du Tiers is decorated with the Medal of the Aeronautics and is also the harvesting-owner of Armagnac. Married to an American and a father of a girl, he is "doubtless a little bit extraordinary", the passion urging him for a long time to overtake his limits.