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TEDxCannes, 3rd edition.
This year's theme: Transitions, inventing our future. Choice or constraint?

30 April at the Palais des Festivals

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The speakers of TEDxCannes 2016


Eat Man
Our food production strikingly resembles that of industrial goods. Yet, we are what we eat. Not only do our dietary choices directly influence our health, they also depict the future of our children.


Radiant singer-songwriter
As a singer-songwriter, Luciole's raw material consists of words and makeshift melodies. She’s also a collaborating artist on Grand Corps Malade’s lastest group album, alongside big names like Charles Aznavour.


Inuit researcher in geology
A professor of Geology, hailing from Groenland, Minik Rosing has made an incredible discovery: Earth is much older than we thought, we're off by millions of years.


Ambassadress of diversity
Alexandra Baldeh Loras was chosen "Woman of the year" by the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs of Brazil. When your intrinsic diversity is an advantage, and your knowing to open up to others, a key social skill.


ExoMars Programme Director
To send a robot to Mars, with the mission of discovering the origins of the red planet's methane. To dig Mars' rock, looking for signs of life, be it past or present.


Art Curator
Artists have always invented the world of tomorrow. They can be change agents for an ecological transition. For Alice Audouin, art and sustainable development are closely linked.


70% of our Earth, the "Blue Planet", is covered by oceans. The sea feeds us, every day. Are we truly aware of this? Jim Toomey tells us how cartoons and humor can render our relation with the sea world more human.


Love intelligence expert
Means of communication abound like never before, especially in the dating field, but finding your "true other" was never this hard. Romantic relations, dissected.


Researcher in bioinformatics
Health issues have always been one of humanity's main concerns. But today, the inner workings of human cells can be modelised. When digital technology and big data come to our rescue.


Teacher and researcher at INALCO
Khojesta Ebrahimi is a teacher and researcher at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales. She takes us on a migratory journey involving her personal experiences and Persian poetry.

Duc Ha

Punk entrepreneur
Our current economic society is based on new trade flows. Why does Amazon sells books at cost price? Why do they offer free shipping? A decoding by this entreprise practioner helps us understand our modern economy.


Homo Ludens Researcher
Maude Bonenfant is a professor in the Department of social and public communication at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her research focusses on the social dimensions of communication technologies.
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